Woolen Carding machine FOR made, w.w. 2500mm

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  • Overhauling of card transmission with new general control motor with inverter, new gear-motor with inverter for inlet control,
    new gear-motor with inverter for coiler control
  • New stripping cylinders with larger diameters clothed with new metallic wire clothing Graff
  • Workers of the 2nd card clothed with new flexible clothing Scardassi
  • Material transfer cylinder clothed with new metallic wire clothing
  • Upper covers painted like new
  • New raised card base (not needing pits/foundations)
  • New walking surface on both left and right sides of the card
  • New pneumatic opening of the hopper feeder scale
  • New unloading fins cylinder to the hopper feeder (ainstead of the existing rake)
  • New studded conveyor belt for hopper feeder
  • N. 8 new devices for impurities scrap (for bristle removal)
  • Grinding of the N. 3 grooved fins cylinders of Morel devices
  • New suction plant with new suction fan and conduit connection to the devices for impurities scrap and to hopper mounted under
    the material transfer cylinder
  • Collector with bags for filtering exhausted air and nylon bags for bristles holding
  • Coiler overhauled with new belts and new bearings for material conveyance
  • New net protections with N. 4 gates with safety locks
  • New electric control panel with N. 5 inverters
  • New electric plant on the machine already installed

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